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Boring Community Planning Organization
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Minutes for the Boring CPO Meeting of March 3, 2020

The meeting was held at the Boring Fire Department. Notice of this meeting was made by press release to newspapers of general and local circulation throughout the area. CPO members were also contacted by email. Those in attendance who had not previously registered were asked to register as CPO members if they reside or own a business within the CPO boundaries. Those eligible to vote are people who have attended two of the last twelve CPO meetings.

The meeting was called to order at 7:01pm by CPO Chair Michael Fitz, who led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. The Boring CPO Board was introduced.

In attendance were: Peter Hoffman, Lila Fitz, Milton Haley, Steve Bates, Tom Mack, John Lee, Gordon Watkins, Lew Seagraves, Betty Bates, Connie Glad, Douglas Glad, Lee Schneider, LeRoy Stratton, Tanya Hamell, Ryan, Fern, Penny Coleman, Rod Coleman, Jim Valberg, Judy Gullixson, Kathy Bigelow, Diane Kelso.

Visitors and Guests: Roger Edwards, Allen Oswalt, Jack and Jan Edmondson

Guest Speaker: Diane Wagner

Part Time workers are needed for the 2020 census. You can apply online. They are paying $16.50 an hour and 50 cents per mile, set your hours, at least 20 hours per week. You will work your local area and issued an iPhone. You will also need to attend 16 day of training in late April. Jim Valberg offered to put a sign on his property for the Census Dept.

A Moment in History: Bruce Haney

In 1907 Mr. Sing spent 2 weeks to travel to Boring for work. He was hired by Jarrell and Page to work in the saw mill. As part of his employment he was given a cabin. On Oct. 31st he awoke to gun shots being fired into his cabin. Mr. Sing was hit in the thigh and screamed out and the shots stopped. Mr. Sing went to the Good Sam hospital and was told if they did not remove his leg he would die. Not knowing much about western health care, he did not want his leg removed. Then Constable Johnson went to investigate and found copper bullets at the site. Knowing who used those bullets 7 people were arrested. The three youngest were given 3 years and given parole, 1 - 6 months and 1 - 6 years. The Father and son were given life because the son fired into the cabin and the father didn't stop him.

Community Reports:

Boring-Damascus Grange & Park Committee – Kathy Bigelow
  • Nuts & Bolts will present a Weekend Comedy Friday and Saturday, March 6th thru the 22nd. Anything goes sale is scheduled for March 28th and 29th.
Water District – Peter Hoffman
  • Budget meeting this month. The problem with the water on Sunday was computer glitch.
Clackamas Fire Department – Jake Hastings
  • Reminder to wash our hands. The corona virus is more contagious than the flu. l confirmed and 2 possible corona cases reported. For update refer to Ore-OHA website. Fire call on Bartell Rd. resulted in saving the house, but lost the barn. “ Open Burn” is open, you need to call first.
Boring Oregon Foundation – Steve Bates

August 9th Boring and Dull Days. Mike Fitz is in charge of the parade, reminder to buy tickets for the Raffle ( 40 prizes available). Please remember the Blue Bag drive. Meeting held at the Grange on the 4th Thursday of month.

CPO Minutes for February 2020 were distributed. Motion to approve by Rod Coleman second Lila Leathers. Approved.

Treasurer’s Report: John Lee

The Treasurer reported that the balance remains $1091.06

Land Use Issues:

Z00017-20 30220 SE Wheeler Rd. Luke Scherler received approval for garage in HCA
Z0059-20 13930 SE 282nd Ln. Terry Kimbel, req

Boring CPO
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(503) 502-5837

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