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Ready for a bit of Halloween chill? Fall is coming and so is our new season!


September 28-October 14 Nutz-n-Boltz

The play opens in an empty Victorian theatre, where an old Arthur Kipps is reading aloud from a manuscript of his story. A young actor whom he hired to help dramatise the story, enters and criticizes him for his poor delivery. After an argument, they agree to perform the story, with the Actor playing a younger Kipps, and Kipps himself playing all the other characters and narrating the play. When they run through the play, however, things begin to go terribly wrong. Can the play these two actors perform exorcise the ghostly demon of the Woman in Black? (Suitable for all ages, spooky ghost story and theater is very dark)

Performance Dates: Friday, Saturday at 7:30PM or Sunday at 3:00PM September 28- October 14th! All shows at the Boring-Damascus Grange, off Hwy 212 in Boring.


Tickets are are $12-$15 and are available online now. Handicapped access and seating available. Concessions offered.

Call for reservations or information: 503-593-1295 CAST:

Kipps- Scott Caster
Actor- Justin Lazenby
Directed by: Ian Leiner
Stage Manager: Sara Kiperman

The goal of the Community Connection is to provide a comprehensive community calendar for Boring, Damascus and our surrounding communities. We also will be working to expand the number of social, educational, and service opportunities for everyone in our area.

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(3) A great opportunity to get involved!
If anyone is interested, we are definitely looking for more people to get involved. There are many ways, large and small, that people can help build the Community Connection. Folks can learn more about the goals of the community connection here: http://www.bdcommunityconnection.org/about/

If anyone would like more information about volunteering, they can contact Brian Pasko directly at brian.pasko@gmail.com or send us an email on our volunteer page: http://www.bdcommunityconnection.org/volunteer/

Boring & Dull Day, August 9th, 2019

Boring & Dull Day Community Social In The Park - August 9th

Celebrating the pairing of Boring & Dull, the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners in 2012 proclaimed every August 9th to be a Boring & Dull day. The State of Oregon passed a law in 2013 stating this is “A Pair for the Ages” and every August 9th will be Boring & Dull Day.

Come join your Boring neighbors and experience our Spirit of Community. Plans include Free Ice Cream, live music and special guests.

Put this on your calendar:
August 9, 2019
from 5:00 PM to 8:30 PM at the
Boring Station Trailhead Park.

Boring CPO
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Boring, Oregon 97009
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