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Department of Transportation and Development NEW Document Retriever Program

The Clackamas County Department of Transportation and Development is launching a new program called Document Retriever. This program will allow new land use applications and decisions to be reviewed through the County Web page.

You may view the submitted application by clicking here. If you have any difficulties viewing the document or using the link you can call 503-742-4400 or email zoninginfo@co.clackamas.or.us.

Once land use decisions are issued, you may also view a copy of the decision at this site.

When you open the retriever web site, you will put in a ZDO#. To find the correct ZDO#, look below for the specific applicant's name and/or address. The ZDO# will be listed with this information.

NEW LAND USE APPLICATIONS - additional permit information

Z0368-17-c Solar installation on 20 acres by Dirk Vanzanten at SE 322nd and NW corner of Kelso Rd, Boring

Z0419-17 Request for the legality of an established duplex, by Jeffrey Stipe, 36610 SE Dunn, Sandy 97055

Z0310-17 Use of EFU zoned land to grow and sell hay by Blake Spotten, 30471 S. Hwy 213, Molalla 97038

Z0359-17 Partition EFU land into 3 parcels by Jonah Nail/Nail Construction, 13880 SE 362nd Ave., Boring 97009

Z0310-17, Asks County to permit preparing and selling hay on EFU by Spotten Blake, 30471 So. Hwy 213, Molalla 97038

Z0123-17 Renewal of home occupation by Alvina Shahbazian, 19409 SE Foster Road, Damascus

Z0137-17 Change of 4 lots on the property to 5 lots by Darren and Tami Mcara, 35116 SE Kelso Rd., Boring

Z0152-16 and Z0153, Z0153-16-fld, Z0152-16-fld Paola property sale to metro, 15455 SE 262, Boring 97009

Z0293-16, Temporary Permit/Care/Renew, by Twila Jennings at 14750 SE 329th Ave, Boring 97009

Z0174-16 Renewal of Temporary Permit for Care, 9875 SE 302nd Lane, Boring 97009 by Shane & Monika Cox.

Z0206-15-C Appeal of a denial of modifications of an existing conditional use permit, by Curtis Thies, 29300 SE Haley Rd. Boring 97009

Z0474-15 Alteration of nonconforming use to add 30 manufactured homes, by Big Valley MHC LLC., 18837 SE Tickle Creek Ct. Boring 97009

Z 0206-15 Add 2 carports to an existing shop building and 2 cargo containers, 29300 SE Haley Rd. Boring 97009 by Curtis Thies

Z 0188-15 New temporary care permit, 32890 SE Kelso Rd. Boring 97009 by Donna Weatherspoon

Z 0344-15, Divide 2 acres into 2 equal parcels, south side of SE Andy St. & east of 282nd in Boring, by Even Mac

Z 0241-15, Renewal temporary care permit, 34160 SE Hwy 26, Boring 97009, by Wally & Elaine Antoni

Z-0025-15, Slope review for a house, 26427 SE wally Rd. Boring 97009, by Deborah Flerchinger

Z0643-12, Temporary permit renewal, 9751 SE Telford Rd, Boring 97009 by Judy Ebert


Z0257-17-PDR Approval with conditions to replace a former home on the property by Jeffery Liepold, 28617 SE Kelso Rd. Boring 97009

Z0295-17-PLA Approval with conditions for the property line adjustment between 3 tax lots to form 2-5 acre lots by Patrick Pooler/Tribos Enterprises, LLC, 8999 and 9003 SE 282nd Ave, Boring 97009

Z0252-17-STC Approved with conditions for an accessory dwelling by Harley & Betty Cissna, 32770 SE Kelso Rd., Boring 97009

Z0129-17 Approved with conditions to build an accessory farmworker dwelling by Early Morning, LLC/Iseli Nursery, 11551 SE 287th, Boring

Z0119-17-HO Approved with conditions, New Home occupation by Eric Coppom, 27995 SE Church Rd., Boring

Z0148-17-E Approved with conditions, an alteration of non-conforming use of a recreational marijuana grow by Phil Stanton & Dustin Lamarce, 33026 SE Kelso Rd., Boring

Z0131-17-STC Approved with conditions, Temporary permit renewal by Kevin Layng, 29089 SE Kelso Rd., Boring

Z0645-16-C Approved with conditions, Conditional Use Permit for a worm casting facility by Mathew Brown at SE Haley RD and Lariat Lane, Boring

Z0056-17-STC Approved with conditions, Temporary Dwelling for Care permit by Glena Avila, 11800 SE Starflower Dr., Damascus

Z0296-16-C Approved with conditions, permit for solar installation by Schmidt Nursery, 9500 SE 327 & 13355 SE Orient Dr., Boring 97009

Z0297-16-c, Approved with conditions, permit for solar installation by Moore dairy, 30205 SE Kelso Rd, Boring 97009

Z0040-15-STC Temporary care permit by Ronald and Jacqueline Spuhler, 9230 SE 282nd, Boring 97009

Z0174-16-STC Approval with conditions for Renewal of Temporary Permit for Care, 9875 SE 302nd Lane, Boring 97009 by Shane & Monika Cox.


Z 0206-15 - DENIED, but is being appealed -Add 2 carports to an existing shop building and 2 cargo containers, 29300 SE Haley Rd. Boring 97009 by Curtis Thies

Z 0304-15 STU, Denied-Variance for a temp use of area for parking cars, 29450 SE Lariat Lane, Boring 97009, by Todd Sivertson

Z0083-12, Application Denied with Appeal Rights to August 20, 2012; Request for Temporary Use Permit for prohibited use of Recreational Vehicle Sales, Curtis Thies 29300 SE Haley Road Boring 97009

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