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Department of Transportation and Development NEW Document Retriever Program

The Clackamas County Department of Transportation and Development is launching a new program called Document Retriever. This program will allow new land use applications and decisions to be reviewed through the County Web page.

You may view the submitted application for this file by going to clicking here, fill in the file number, highlight the document you wish to look at and then click the “retrieve documents” button. If you have any difficulties viewing the document or using the link you can call 503-742-4400 or email zoninginfo@co.clackamas.or.us.

Once land use decisions are issued, you may also view a copy of the decision at this site.

When you open the retriever web site, you will put in a ZDO#. To find the correct ZDO#, look below for the specific applicant's name and/or address. The ZDO# will be listed with this information.

NEW LAND USE APPLICATIONS - additional permit information

Z0456-13 Application for and alteration of a Nonconforming Use; a retail service commercial store, to permit the placement and use of a drive through coffee stand to replace a prior drive through coffee stand approved under file Z0610-03-E that had been discontinued for more than one year. Applicant: Lee Keun, 14480 SE Orient Drive, Boring, Oregon 97009 Location: 14480 SE Orient Drive

Z0252-14 Application for Nonconforming Use-Alteration/Change for the purpose to add a 48 ft x 96 ft pavilion for special events in addition to the existing golf course. Property Owner: Mt View Golf Club, LLC 27195 SE Kelso Rd, Boring, Oregon 97009 Applicant: Harry Schumacher, P O Box 66207, Portland, Oregon 97290

Z0217-14 Application for Partition (3 Lots Max) under Ballot Measure 49 Location: South of Wheeler Road, on a private drive west of SE Hite Court, Boring Area. Property Owner and Applicant: Leroy W Smith, P O Box 193, Corbett, Oregon 97019

Z0218-13 APPLICATION WITHDRAWN - Application for Change of Comprehensive Plan and Zone Change for three (3) tax lots on Spring Street in Boring. 27970, 28152 and 28188 Spring Street. Owner: Hertrich LLC, Applicant: Frank Walker & Associates

Z0178-13 Application for Variance to build a guest house on a property less than one full acre. Property Owner: Jerald & Sharon Hoffert 13795 SE Le Ann Court

Z0037-13 Renewal: Staff Temp. for Care by Ronald Loos, 11825 SE 312th Avenue, Boring 97009


Z0184-14 Approved With Conditions.....Temporary Permit/Care/Renew Renewal of a temporary permit to use a manufactured home as a residence for the applicants' daughter, Leona Wecker, who provides care and assistance for the applicant. Applicant: Harold Enz, 15515 SE 322nd Ave, Boring, Oregon 97009

Z0167-14 Approved with conditions. Application for Nonconforming Use-Alteration/Change for the purpose to construct a 105 ft x 150 ft building fir bus sales and service Property Owner: Rohlena Group LLC, 30355 SE Hwy 212, Boring, Oregon 97009 Applicant: Dean Hoque, 320 N Main Ave, Gresham, Oregon 97009

Z0142-14 Temporary Permit/Care/Renew
Approved with Conditions - Renewal of a temporary permit to use a manufactured home as a residence for the applicants' son and daughter-in-law, Jeff and Debby Cissna, who provide care and assistance for the applicants.
Applicant: Harley & Betty Cissna, 32770 SE Kelso Road, Boring, Oregon 97009

Z0507-13 A partition to divide property into two parcels; one of four acres with an exisiting home and one of one acre for a new home site. Applicant: Shirley Gaare, 13857 SE 312th Drive, Boring

Z0588-14-STC Land Use Application
Approved with Conditions - Renewal of Temporary Healthcare Permit
Applicant: John Masuo, 14321 SE 340th Court, Boring

Z0522-13 Application for Verification of Non Conforming Use - Nonconforming Use Denied
Location: 36804 SE Kelso Road, Boring
Applicant: Reckmann Farm LLC, St. Louis, Missouri

Z0525-13 Land Use Application - Approved with Conditions
Renewal for Temporary Dwelling for Care Permit
Applicants: Terry & Ronda Kimble, 13930 SE 282nd Lane, Boring

Z0474-13 Approved with conditions - Renewal of a Temporary permit to use a manufactured home as a residence for Staff Temporary Care of an elder. Applicant: Peter and Vicky Morrision, 31833 SE Kelso Road, Boring

Z0417-13 Approved with conditions - Partition to divide 19.85 acre property into two parcels; one two acres and the other 18.08 acres Locations: no site address located at the south end of 312th Drive in Boring. Applicants: Glen and Marian Carmony

Z0138-13 Approved with conditions - Application for Renewal for Staff Temporary for Care to use an existing manufactured dwelling for care of a family member. Applicant: Donna & John Thompson, 11800 SE Starflower Drive, Damascus 97080

Z0254-13 Approved with conditions - Application for renewal of Staff Temporary Care to use a manufactured dwelling for Allen Burt, who requires care and assistance from his son and daughter in law. Applicant: Allen Burt,12781 SE Burt Lane

Z0093-13 Approved with conditions - Application for Temporary Permit to use an existing manufactured dwelling as a residence for Staff Temporary Care of elderly grandmother. Applicant: Twila Jennings, 14750 SE 329th Ave., Boring 97009

Z0047-13 Approved with conditions: New Application for Staff Temp. Care Temporary permit for a manufactured home for elderly parents by Shane Cox, 9875 SE 302nd Lane, Boring 97009

Z0134-13-SSR Approved with conditions - Application for Modification to Existing Slope for the Construction of a Road. Applicant: Dwayne Brandon 11980 SE Zion Hill Drive

ZO643-12(dated 1/16/13), approved with conditions; Application for Renewal Staff Temporary Care by Judy Lynn Ebert, 9751 SE Telford Road, Damascus 97089, approved with conditions

Z0013-13-D, approved with conditions; Boring Industrial Bldg for trailer storage Design Review by William Stanley/ Whitney & Associates, 12101 SE 282nd Avenue, Boring 97009

Z0594-12-STC Approved with conditions-for Renewal of temporary permit for RV Residence for care of father, by Ronald J. Spuhle 9230 SE 282nd Ave Boring 97009

Z0454-12-STC Approval with conditions for a renewal of Temporary Dwelling for Care by Kevin Layng & June Gardiner, 29089 SE Kelos Road Boring 97009

ZO290-12-HO Approved with conditions, Home Occupation Application for vehicle sales business; Randel Haddad 30500 SE Church Road Boring 97009

Z0335-12-HO Home Occupation Permit Renewal- Approved with Conditions; John & Nancy Boyles, 29411 SE Church Rd Boring 97009

Z0303-12-HO Approved with Conditions-Renewal of Home Occupation Permit for operation of mail order business; Stephen & Betty Bates 28050 SE Sylvian Way Boring 97009

ZO206-12-HO - Approved with Conditions, Application for Home Occupation Permit Renewal; Donna Starita at 25090 SE Henningson Rd. Damascus, 97089

Z0242-12-M, Approval with Conditions for Partition Plat/Measure 49 Claim for 1 acre parcel for one house; Carol Bunds, 15440 SE 262nd Ave Boring 97009

Z0132-12 APPROVED WITH CONDITIONS, New Staff Temp. for Care permit; to place a manufactured home on site; Wally Antoni, 34160 SE Highway 26 Boring 97009

Z0120-12 APPROVED WITH CONDITIONS, Renewal app for Staff Temp for Care, Harold Enz, 15515 SE 322nd Ave Boring 97009

K0235-12-D Approval with conditions of the Design Review for constructing 5,000 Sq ft building Phase 2 of the Kosrow Commercial Complex, Randy & Kris Kosrow, 12410 SE 282nd Ave. Boring 97009

Z0216-12-E Approved with Conditions,, Application for Alteration/Change of Non Conforming Use (Farm Worker Housing), Wilhelm Heckel, 35563 SE Kelso Road Boring 97009

Z0037-12-STC Preliminary Approval With Conditions for Temporary Dwelling for Staff Temporary Care, Chea Medley, 27311 SE Fairmont Drive, Boring 97009

Z0085-12-TE - Approved with conditions - Two Year Time Extension for Measure 49 Partition, James H. & Evelyn Bennier, 30425 SE Wheeler Rd. Boring 97009

Z0029-12-M Partition Plat (division of 13.83 acres into three separate plats) by Jim Zachrison at 14995 SE Amsigger Rd, Boring 97009


Z0083-12, Application Denied with Appeal Rights to August 20, 2012; Request for Temporary Use Permit for prohibited use of Recreational Vehicle Sales, Curtis Thies 29300 SE Haley Road Boring 97009

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