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Department of Transportation and Development NEW Document Retriever Program

The Clackamas County Department of Transportation and Development is launching a new program called Document Retriever. This program will allow new land use applications and decisions to be reviewed through the County Web page.

You may view the submitted application by clicking here. If you have any difficulties viewing the document or using the link you can call 503-742-4400 or email zoninginfo@co.clackamas.or.us.

Once land use decisions are issued, you may also view a copy of the decision at this site.

When you open the retriever web site, you will put in a ZDO#. To find the correct ZDO#, look below for the specific applicant's name and/or address. The ZDO# will be listed with this information.

NEW LAND USE APPLICATIONS - additional permit information

Z0059-20 Renewal of dwelling for care, by Terry & Ronda Kimble, 13930 SE 282nd Ln, Boring 97009

Z0137-20, Partition 10 acres into 2 parcels, by Travis & Alenna Mahar, 26200 SE Wally Rd, Boring 97009

Z0066-20, Agricultural replacement Dwelling, by Dan Williams for Chai & Bay Vang, 35330 SE Dunn Rd, Boring 97009

Z0217-19-C request for event hosting, application withdrawn

Z0367—19, Renewal/reauthorization of a temporary permit/care, by Becky Hendrickson at 10889 SE Orient Dr., 97009

Z0367—19, Renewal of temporary permit/care by Dr. Becky Hendrickson at 10889 SE Orient Boring 97009

Z0384—19, Minor subdivision (4 to 10 lots) by Rick Young, at 11255 SE 312th Dr. Boring 97009

Z0217-19-C Modifications to previous Conditional Use approval by Curtis Theis, 29300 SE Haley Rd, Boring 97009

Z0147-19, Time extension to previous conditional use, expand fruit processing facility, by John Logan/Everfresh Fruit, 36075 SE Kelso Rd, Boring


Z00017-20, Approval, Construction of garage in HCA, by Luke Scherler, 30220 SE Wheeler Rd, Boring 97009

Z0385-19 Letter eliminated

Z0385-19 Approval 5 lot subdivision by Rick Young, at 11255 SE 312th Drive, Boring 97009

Z0367-19 Approval Temporary permit/care by Dr. Becky Hendrickson at 10889 SE Orient Boring 97009

Z0125-19 Approval design review of a new building by Stanley & Sons at 12101 SE 282nd Ave., Boring 97009 Z0061-19 Approved with conditions, hemp processing review, Tim Fisher at 28810 SE Wheeler Rd. Boring 97009

Z0277-19 Approved, replacement of dwelling in EFU district by Early Morning LLC at 15510 SE 287th Ave., Boring 97009

Z0313-19-STC Renewal of temporary permit for care by Twila Jennings at 14750 SE 329th Ave. Boring OR 97009

Z0209-19-C Approval with conditions for a conditional use to add a portable building for the Naas Elementary school by the Oregon Trail School District, 12240 SE School Ave, Boring 97009

Z0076-19 Parr Lumber requesting interpretation by the Planning Director to seven questions related to uses allowed in the Rural Commercial (RC) and Rural Industrial (RI) zoning districts.

Z0115-19-STC Approved for Renewal of a Temporary permit for Care by Kevin Layng, 29089 SE Kelso Rd. Boring 97009

Z0201-19 STC Approval with conditions a renewal of a temporary permit for care by Shane Cox at 9875 SE 302nd Lane, Boring 97009


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